21 Best Plumbing Blogs to Follow And Peel Into the Industry

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Reading through a good plumbing blog not only gives you more information on plumbing, but also the advanced technology of home decoration.

​The problem with this is that it's so hard to find good quality blogs out there. There are plenty of useless or outdated blogs.

​At Flush Guide, we frequently keep up to date with these quality blogs. To be honest with you, it will be a shame if I only keep these blogs to myself.

​This is the very reason why I list my favorite blog down below so you can share with your DIY friends.

Listed in no particular order.

1. The Family Handyman​

What can you expect - The family handyman is part of Reader’s Digest Association. The main goal of this blog is to provide you with the information from how to fix a toilet to how to fix an automatic. Basically, if you want to search for any DIY related information, this is the first site you should check out.

What I like - The variety, of course. Beside from the elaborated plumbing information, the family handyman offers a amount of DIY-wise of knowledge. I often find myself browsing this website when I’m in a situation I can’t handle.

2. DIY Doctor

What can you expect - The DIY Doctor provides a huge range of variety and information. Unlike a normal blog that only posts DIY tips and know-how, DIY Doctor offers forums, videos, and even the finding tradesman service. Honestly, the website is like an all-you-can-eat buffet.


What I Like - The DIY project section, this section broaden my horizon a lot. Although most of the time I tend to look around in the plumbing problem others may have, it is very interesting to look at another kind of DIY people had gone through.

3. Diyfixit

What can you expect - Having a magazine online gives Diyfixit a unique and informative voice. Besides from owning a magazine, Diyfixit has a wide range of information on the website. Specifically, the builder’s blog, this section has all the great tales and tips one can expect. Also, the news section is also fun and interesting.


What I like - The news section offers a lot of accolade for home improvement. I find myself quite enjoying the special niche news while there are a lot of noise outside.

4. Rick’s Plumbing Service, Inc.

What can you expect - Rick’s Plumbing Service is about offering outstanding plumbing service in New Haven and Fairfield Counties; also, there is a section solely talks about plumbing tips. For example, “10 Tips to Help You Save Money on Cleaning Products,” not the most interesting post on the earth, but it is certainly very practical, like the website itself.


What I like - The plumbing service… No, I’m just kidding. The clean and neat user surface of the web site makes the blog easy to scroll through, making reading the blog more user-friendly.​

5. 3 Mountains Plumbing

What can you expect - Similar to the previous blog “Rick’s Plumbing,” 3 Mountains Plumbing has more to offer. Owning not only plumbing service but a whole lot of knowledge, for example, in the section of “Emergency Plumbing,” several articles dedicated to solving the problem as efficient as possible.


What I like - It’s a service website. And I find out some useful tips on it. Worth check it out.​

6. Mr. Rooter Plumbing

What can you expect - A well known established brand, this brand promise to deliver professional service. Plumbing service aside, Mr. Rooter brings more stuff to the table. The blog section, you can expect to read few informative articles. Best of all, they are all written by the plumbers themselves, so the articles are all are practical stuff.

7. The Plumber


What can you expect - The latest news, articles, safety information, history regarding toilets. The website covers all range of information from minor tips like how to stop your leaks to toilets around the world. Don’t get me wrong, this blog provides tons of useful information and learning a new way of fixing housing problem is always intriguing.


What I like - The depth and the broadness the website provides gives me a whole new perspective into plumbing. It’s fun and constantly remind me how big the world is.​

8. A to Z Statewide Plumbing

What can you expect - Another hidden gem in the wide ocean. If you are looking for detail-oriented and also interesting articles regarding plumbing, then you are in the right place. Besides from providing outstanding plumbing service, A to Z also runs an awesome blog. A to Z has plenty useful tips and practical steps written on the blog.


What I like - Running a service business isn’t easy. Let alone running a business plus writing a blog on the side. Mass respect.​

9. Aqua Plumbing and Air

What can you expect - A dedicated company focuses on not only plumbing but also writes a good blog. Indeed, you may find some commercial details sprinkle here and there. The Aqua Plumbing undoubtedly offers a great service, but if you check out their blog, you will be amazed by the quality and how realistic they are.


What can you expect - The Express Sewer & Drain blog is owned by the company Express Sewer & Drain Blog. The writing style is clean and on point. Often, William, the writer, will provide some simple but insightful knowledge, such as, “How to Turn Your Water Off in 4 Easy Steps” or “How Much Does it Cost to Replace Plumbing Pipes in Your Home?” Take a look, it is worth of your time.


What can you expect - An interesting business located in Toronto provides informative articles. The fun part is this blog shows you a lot of different ideas which can be solely seen in Canada. Reading through articles like “Toronto Rain and how to Protect Your House From It” is always an eye-opening experience. To sum up, this is a cool blog and you should check it out.


What can you expect - Plumb Mate is a merchant selling plumbing supplies and bathroom showroom. The topics they chose often come across fun and day-to-day useful. The article I am reading before I write this blog into this article is, How to Renovate Your Only Bathroom. Of course, I don’t support the click bait picture; however, the tips they gave are indeed helpful. Also, the blog has quite a lot of social media usage making the context crisp and up to date.


What can you expect - See some subject with a different perspective is always an interesting thing. More importantly, Myplumber has a holistic viewpoint on the common questions like garbage disposal: “NEVER PUT THESE ITEMS DOWN YOUR GARBAGE DISPOSAL,” as the title of one article. Further down the blog, Myplumber introduces more and more heating, plumbing, house improvement...related topics. It’s a fun blog to dig into.


What can you expect - Finally a fresh breath to the community, Bell home solution is an information-oriented and user-friendly blog. The surface of the blog makes reader easily navigate through the ocean of information. And that’s not all, the category bar on the top of the website makes the reader easier and quicker to check out what they are looking for. As for the article, it is on point, short and concise.


What can you expect - The Ammons Superior blog is a clean and sweet little blog. During my research, I find out this blog featured a lot of fun but also family focus articles. So, if you are a family guy, be sure to check out this amazing blog.


What can you expect - Best Plumbing is the blog for those who want to find basic plumbing information. It is comprehensive, fun and neat, like teaching you how to inspect for leaks or how to examine the water heater. To be fair, it is a very good blog for the novice who wants to get into plumbing industry.


What can you expect - It is more like an air conditioning & heating blog than a plumbing blog, but, hey, Margo plumbing is still a good blog. And from time to time, the scattered knowledge may come in handy. To be precise, Margo writes one of the best blogs about air condition and heating. To be more precise, Margo not only writes but also writes in a clean and short style. If you need any specific information on air condition and heating, be sure to check out this blog.


What can you expect - As a company focusing extensively on HVAC, Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, Korrect Plumbing knows what they’re talking about when it comes to plumbing or home improvement blogging. Although the blog is just a side section of the website, the Korrect Plumbing has some quality content regarding whether plumbing or HVAC.​


What can you expect - A pretty primitive blog; however, Butter Plumbing has a bunch of gold under the seemingly messy surface. For example, in the latest article, “Signs You Need a New Toilet”, Butter Plumbing talks about some pretty good tips. Butter Plumbing blog has quite an amount of quality articles. It’s a good website, really, you should invest your time.


What can you expect - A smart, diligent website, just like the secret service "independent international intelligence agency" in the movie Kingsman, Hillcrest Plumbing represent the gentleman part of the plumbing industry. Talking about the gentleman, Hillcrest, with a clean surface and neat writing style, easily tackle the core of different problems. Put it simply, this blog just overflowing with knowledge and amazement.


What can you expect - Another website that has the blog within. Image a middle age plumber, slightly bald and wearing a thick glasses. That’s right. Fischer gives off the vibe of honest and hard-working ethics. As for the articles on the blog, they’re mostly written in bullet points, and that’s great for those who want to soak in the knowledge quicker and smarter.



Yup, I believe these blogs are enough to keep you busy for awhile. Have fun digging into the treasure land. See you on the other side.

Of course you can also use our website for toilet related information.

Be white. Stay clean. Good luck.

  • Tim
  • July 2, 2017

Tim has been in the plumbing and home improvement industry in over a decade. His main passion is the bathroom where he loves to get creative within this sector. He spends most of his time writing content about home improvement, DIY and bathroom related topics.

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