The Top Toilet Brands In The Industry
Who Are The Best Manufacturers?

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Should you choose a toilet based on the finest toilet brands? Yeah? Nah? Well, don’t make up your mind so quickly. There are different features of each brand and some are good, the others are like the smoke in the mirror.

Alright, let’s cut to the point.

Top Rated Toilet Brands In The Industry

Are you a patriot? No? Then you probably missed out some amazing toilets. American Standard has established its reputation nearly over 140 years and keeps striving for innovation in both kitchen and bathroom industry. 

The most significant feature of this brand of toilets is that it saves more than 70% water compared to other 1.6 GPF toilets without sacrifice the flushing power.  To put it simply, with the largest trapway and flush valve AS has the most powerful toilets among all.

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Oh, the one and only, the ninja of toilets. Founded in Japan by Kazuchika Okura, with the rich Japanese culture of pottery and porcelain, TOTO is dedicated to spreading the sleek, modern sanitary ware through the world.

The best things about Japanese toilets are the bidget and the heated toilet seat, and I believe it is TOTO who push the boundaries of imagination. To put it simply, getting yourself a TOTO toilet means you’re getting the delicacy of Japan manufactory and the futuristic technology of the industry.

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Starting out manufacturing farming implements in the rural Wisconson, then in 1883, Kohler invented the bathtub and turned the business into plumbing industry. 

And then throughout the years, Kohler gradually built into a multi-national business, at one point, Kohler even manages to manufactured the pieces of spacecraft. In my opinion, Kohler’s toilets are sturdy and manage to achieve a variety of environmental-friendly design.

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Duravit is a brand that pursuit comfy of a house. What does that mean? Just look at the private spa it advertises on it home page, which has a whirl function to massage your back skin and you can rest your head on it while staying in the bubbling water.

Amazing, right? Well, that says a lot of this brand. Although this brand has some plus side, it is sometimes painful to install one toilet in your house. The toilet weights over 115 pounds, compared to other brands it is quite heavy. Also, my previous experience handling this brand just isn’t good enough.

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Not a well-known brand in comparison to the others created 40 years ago and it is still going strong.

Niagara has built a brand that strives for environmental conservation and the quietness of the flushing sound.

During my research and my experience working with this brand of toilet is terrible. I bought two Glacier Bay toilet manufactured by this brand from Home Depot and found there was crack on both toilets - What are the odds?

To make matter worse, I wasn’t able to get a refund or swapped the defected ones. So, for your own good, get a better toilet.

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Sterling used to be called Sterling Faucet and it was a faucet factory until it merged with Kohler. So you can simply call Sterling a Kohler product with a different design. 

On the home page of Sterling wrote “Life happens. Every day.”, which probably means they are proud of the durability of their products and wish it to last the everyday wear and tear. The toilets of Sterling are positioned at mid-price, so if your budget is tight and want to get an OK toilet, Sterling is your pick

Yes, this Jacuzzi is THAT Jacuzzi. I bet you didn’t know it produces toilet before reading this page. The company invented a portable pump in the 1950s and from then on the Jacuzzi bathtub appeared in the market. Most of the bathtubs can be used for hydrotherapy.

To be honest, I haven’t had enough knowledge talking about Jacuzzi toilets. My vague memory only recalls a few times I installed a Jacuzzi bathtub for families, but when it comes to toilets, all I can say is the toilet has strong flush since the company is famous for pumping water.

To my surprise, Saniflo is a company based in France. The two biggest thing makes it well-known is it revolutionized the toilet grinder in 1960 and made the first TV commercial of toilets.

And of course, the greatest products of this brand is a variety of grinder, from dealing with bathroom equipment to kitchen faucet or sink. Going back to the business of toilet, well, it may not have the most efficient flushing power or most comfortable rim, but it sure handles your waste well. Though you aren’t able to see it by yourself.

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Now, this is the brand that focuses on manufacturing toilets and kitchen goods. Gerber is proud of his products and to be fair they are high quality.

I hope I remember correctly that Gerber first introduces WaterSense(a certification that proves your toilet is water-efficient) into the business and the action turns the whole manufacture field upside down. Till this day, Gerber still holds the top place of toilets. By the way, Gerber’s wall mounted toilets are pretty good, so if you hold a chance check it out.

You probably never heard of this brand before, and if you do, it is probably because of its square toilets, which are one-piece toilets with its tank being a square shape.

The fun fact of this company is that it is established merely 20 years ago and they are founded by leading companies in Europe and Asia. In contrast to the big name brands, Eago is just like an infant. So far as I could tell, the toilets are good but not great, just like an inexpensive washdown bowl.

Cotto Logo

Well, this is another rare brand to see and this is because Cotto was founded in Thailand and gradually show itself to the international stage of design. 

Personally, I’ve had the honor to install one myself; however, during my trip to Vietnam, I used this brand for maybe once or twice and it seemed to work fine. Next time, test it out and tell me your thoughts.

Which Toilet Brand For You?

That's up for you to decide. Everyone has their preference but if you had to ask me, I would tell you to pick either of these three toilet brands:

  1. American Standard
  2. TOTO
  3. Kohler

These guys have been reliable in producing consistent high quality toilets. Below are our #1 recommended toilet from each brand. Feel free to check them out.

As always... Good luck. Be clean. Stay white.

American Standard H2Option

American Standard H2Option

Drake II 

Best Toilet TOTO Drake II

Kohler Santa Rosa