Welcome To Flush Guide

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​My name is Tim and I’ve been in bathroom industry for over 12 years.

Time goes by and I start to realize the importance of quality bathroom equipment, namely toilets. Most bathrooms I see just ain't being blessed with an white angel. From toilet seats not fitting properly, to poorly picked toilets to weak flushing toilets, I’ve seen them all. That is why I created Flush Guide.

I Have 3 Goals In Mind For Flush Guide:

  • To simplify the technical information out there about toilets and provide information resource about the best toilets out on the market
  • To select, test and recommend quality toilet fixtures that are the best on the market and will suit anyone, no matter what height, age, size, or gender. I will write honest and helpful reviews about these toilets to make sure you have the right toilet throne.
  • To spread awareness of the benefits of having a good toilet compared to a mediocre toilet.

Where to Start?

Okay, enough chit-chat. It's game time.

I try and find the best toilet that will match anyone's size, preference and taste. But please understand is not such thing as the "perfect" toilet. Like humans, every toilet has its own greatness and weakness.

My pick of the range are the most well known and trusted brands out there. They range from TOTO, American Standard, Kohler, and other big players on the market.

However, if you don't know what brand you want, I would suggest checking out my guide on some of the best toilet out on the market.

How Did I Get Into Bathroom Industry?

I was 17 at the time. I can still vividly recall the tragedy. It was midnight, everyone in the house was asleep except me. The overnight Thai curry chicken left my stomach rumbling with piercing pain. I couldn’t sleep and rolled back and forth. Deep down, I knew a storm was coming - a shit storm. I got up and rushed to the nearest toilet. As soon as I put my delicate clean ass on the family’s 20-year-old model, I could feel the Thai curry leaving my soul. “Good, the nightmare is finally over.” I thought.

After my hardship, I wiped my ass and pushed the flush button down. As usual, I stood there waiting for the flushing to stop. Call me weird, but it's always a great pleasure to see my poop going away. 1, 2, 3, I slowly counted in my head, 4, 5, 6… Wait… this is too long.

The flushing didn’t stop but got louder and louder. It resembled the sound of the monster from the movie "Alien”. “Whoa, this doesn’t sound right…” Dirty yellow jelly started overflowing over the toilet to the floor. I carefully tiptoed through the mess. “Shit, that was my shit.” I could even see chicken pieces and portions of undigested noodles cheerfully escape the white cage. It got to the point that I had to wake up my family to me. That night, as the deep brown curry sauce streamed by, the whole family all agreed unanimously on one thing. The best toilet was needed!

After this, I just became obsessed searching and looking for the best toilet on the market. Now here I am, years later, older but none the wiser.

So here I present you my hard work and great knowledge when it comes to selecting the best toilet for you. I always make sure to deliver the best and only the best