Best Portable Composting Toilets That’s Great For Camping – 2018 Review

Best Portable Composting Toilet That’s Great For Camping – Review

Today we have the portable toilet, one of the loos from our list of top rated toilet types.

Why would anyone need a portable toilet?

Well, let me tell you a story. Back in my teenage days, me and my brothers would go hunting with my dad in Dallas, Texas. Ah, those good old days. It wasn't the hunting that got me excited, but more of the experience of escaping the city and living in the wild. There were funny things and unforgettable tales...

Among all, shit happened...

​Back in those days, hygiene wasn't so big.

My little brother was the best example. It started when we drove through the highway like a heated knife cutting through butter.

Best Portable Composting Toilet

Are you talking to me?

“I want to go to a toilet.” he cried with urgent.

It's his fault. Back at the last gas station, we told him that this was going to be his last chance to let his white ass on the toilet. He just didn’t listen. So he suffered. I laughed so hard that I couldn’t even breathe. Dad turned around and said, “you will have to do it in the bush son.”​


“What do you mean no?”

“It will give me AIDS.”


​“Yeah, a killing clown will show up and stick his finger up my butt, and I can’t run because I will be pooping.”

“Who told you this? One of your brothers?”

“No, Miss White told us this. She also told us about penis and vag...”

Time ceased.

Years after I became a plumber and I look back on this story, I know a portable toilet would have solved this problem.

Portable Toilets: 5 Things To Look For

At some point, you have to lift the toilet up and dump all the waste. Luckily, the portable toilet usually contains chemical powder which turns urine into solid form. This means disposing the waste will be a lot easier. Although this makes it easier to clean, it still doesn’t give you the right to throw the waste anywhere. If you are in the wild, for example, RV dump stations and authorised vault toilets are both designated locations to give away your "natural talent".

Needless to say, size does matter, but mostly depends on how long you are going away for. A week long trip to deep mountain is definitely different from a day trip to forest nearby. Let along with whole family traveling by your side. Choose your portable toilet size wisely...

No one wants a toilet that they can’t use, or to be precise, no one wants a toilet that makes their legs shaky or even let Mr. feces runs freely onto the floor.

Disposal toilets come in a range of sizes. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to install a small toilet on a yacht or a RV. Not only is the volume of the waste container important, but also the dimensions should fit into the space you are using it. Don’t forget to leave some extra room when emptying the waste!

Hiking is another popular activities that disposal toilet comes in handy. Like the yacht or RV situation, you don’t want to carry a big ass toilet around. On the other hand, you should be also be aware of the weight capacity every toilet can handle.

Privacy is real important to most people, but how can you determine whether a toilet has enough privacy or not. Some of the portable toilet comes along with a private shelter, but most of the time a private shelter can be bought separately.

The Top 4 Best Composting Toilets

Reliance Luggable Loo Portable Toilet

When I starting to write this article, my dad pop into my head. He is the type of guy who can fight a bear with bare hand. And I’m very certain what he will say if he knows I’m working on such a topic. “Just shit on the ground son. Or, if you want to hide your trace, use a bucket!”

Not all the buckets are the same. This one certainly stands out. I personally never shit on a bucket before, but I had some ungraceful event that I would desperately need one. 

So what makes this bucket special?

What We Like:

  • It has a toilet seat - Have you ever see a bucket with a toilet seat? Me neither, but this product provides such service - no one wants a red rim print on their thigh
  • It is STURDY - You can sit on it for hours, but I will strongly suggest you go to a doctor if this is the case
  • It reduces smell - With proper use of this bucket, you can cover all the smell. Using odor absorbing trash bag and cat sand can make it smell better

It’s simple, but it works. This is a bucket, what more can I say?

Thetford Porta Potti is like a portable toilet that shrinks your home toilet and takes it around with you. I like the modern and sleek design. If you want a retro looking toilet when you are out in the woods or snow, then this will be a great choice. The waste capacity is 5.5 gallons with a fresh water storage as high as 4 gallons.

Choose this if you want a better shitting experience when in the wild.

Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet for RV

I like the design and cleanliness Porta Possi brings along. So make sure you take this into consideration.

What We Like:

  • Battery powered - Porta Potti can flush up to 55 times and done by a button.
  • Comfort height - I can’t stress this enough. Although I know some of you still like to poop on the ground like a savage, having comfort height toilet benefits your legs and knees a lot.
  • Toilet paper holder - Crazy, right? But I like the idea that you can hold the toilet paper on the toilet itself. Or better, just bring a pack of baby wipes...
Camco Portable Toilet

The next one on the list is Camco 41541. This model has everything you need of a portable toilet. The toilet weight itself is 11 lbs when it contains no waste; however, it can support up to 330 lbs.

The best part of this toilet is the flush system. It is powered by a hand-pump bellowed, which means you don’t ever have to worry about power when you are in the wild.

Camco is a strong portable toilet with an outstanding performance. It is not as flashy as other toilets,but it certainly does the job. I will recommend this toilet to anyone who is finding a functional toilet.

What We Like:

  • It doesn’t leak - The ring around the waste tank snaps well. No odor or feces will sneak out from the tank
  • It is sturdy - This feature is a must when it comes to a portable toilet

The Dark Side Of Portable Toilets

Alright, like all the toilets, portable toilets have their own problems.

No one wants to carry bags of stinky tofu around and definitely no one wants to sit on a shaky toilet.

Here, we look at two biggest problems when it comes to portable toilets:

Odor - While the portable toilet industry is working hard to seal the deal, we both know it is far from ideal. The nasty smell will sneak out of its rim when you flush the toilet or you didn’t seal the bag properly. The reason to these problems might be the seal didn't close properly or the valve got damaged. Or even worse... you just didn’t buy the right toilet.

Stability - The great wild isn’t any bit close to the urban city. No asphalt road. No traffic lights. Hungry dinosaurs lurk in the darkness seeking chances to eat you alive. And the worst of all, uneven surface. The biggest enemy of all portable toilets.

Luckily, there are many types of specially manufacture brackets to fix kind of problems.

But... The Winner Is...

Doesn’t it suck?

When you're in the woods, the mountains, or the beach, you can’t find a toilet anywhere. And the nearest bathroom near your camp is 20 miles away. Or when you're all snugged up in your sleeping bag, but a piercing pain shoots your gut.


I know how you feel, because all this stuff used to happen to me.

So I dived into the big market to find you the best portable toilet out there. I tried tons of them, some good, but many depressing. 

But I finally found the perfect match...


The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere D115SYB portable toilet system has EVERYTHING. It suits every human need I perform (well, that’s exaggerating since I don’t eat in there). In it, you will get:

  • 1x Go Anywhere Potrable Dry Toilet
  • 1x Go Anywhere Backpack
  • 15x Go Anywhere Waste Kits
  • 1x Waste collection bag
Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Total System

What We Like:

  • Installation - easy to set up in 10 minutes
  • Privacy - Zipper door
  • Multifunction - Can be used for shower room
  • Price - Great value for what you're getting
  • Comfortable - Spacious and private room (6’6” tall, folds to 28”x6”)
  • Portable - Can be easily packed and carried away

You can buy it through Amazon - you can never go wrong with these guys

Good luck. Be clean. Stay white.