Types of Toilets Around The World
All The Different Water Closets In the Industry

You may be surprised, but there are actually several toilets types in the industry. Today, we will go explore all these different types.

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The Best Toilet Types In The Industry

American Standard Champion-4

A simple explanation would be if you push a button or pull a trigger, there is water running down the pipeline. Then you have a flushing toilet. The other significant character of flushing toilet would be the “S, P, U, J” shape of trapway.

In modern society, if there’s a toilet available, it is probably a flushing toilet. Even in countries like China or Vietnam, you could lay your butt on a squatting flushing toilet. The opposite of the flushing toilet is the “dry” toilet.

You must be curious about what that is. Dig a hole in your garden and put a toilet seat over it.

Congrats, you’ve made one!

This is when the toilet’s tank is connected to the bowl, making the whole toilet is a piece of ceramic.

The clear advantages of this kind of toilet is that the size of the water tank is typically smaller and there is no crevice in the middle, so it is easy to clean.

Most of the time, buying a one-piece toilet comes with a toilet seat, and thus it’s not a problem. The only drawback would probably be the money, but it is well worth it, in my opinion.

Duravit Durastyle
Kohler K-6419-0 Cimarron

This is probably the most common type of toilet that is spreading across the continent. Opposite to the one-piece toilet, the water tank and the bowl are separated, and thus the tank has a larger volume to store water. Although nowadays people tend to go for a one-piece toilet, the two-piece toilet has its strengths.

The greatest factor is the durability, and I’m going to take TOTO Drake II for example. In my experience, this type of toilet can last for decades.

The only thing you need to be careful with is which brand you choose.

Now this is a smart design toilet by Saniflo. What makes upflush toilets unique is that along with the technology of Saniflo, you can install a toilet in any place you like in your house, because you don’t need a drain line beside it.

And the best part of this kind of toilet is that you don’t need to break a large hole in your floor, and it is fully mobile.

So far, my experience of the upflush toilet and the Saniplus system are amazing. With some rare exception, I get a call back to check some minor problem like a clogging pipe or wobbly toilet seat.

These toilets are designed to fit in small bathrooms. Due to their small compact designs, they are perfect if you want to save space or are just struggling to fit a loo in there.

They usually include wall-mounted toilets, toilets with no tank or just small in size.

Now you have more space in your bathroom to do the weird stuff you don't want your household to know about...


This type of toilet is often called a triangle toilet, and the reason for this is evident because the water tank is the shape of a triangle and thus it can comfortably fit into the corner. The clearest plus point of corner toilets is that it can squeeze right into a tight space.

I have to say that throughout my career, I have rarely seen people with a triangle toilet installed in their bathroom.

I think the most significant point is that it is hard to find such a toilet with the right setting for a corner set in the corner without blocking anyone’s path. Think twice before making your move.

Well, here comes my favorite kind of toilet. Most of the time, when speaking of a wall-mounted toilet, we are generally referring to the bowl being attached to the wall, and it is elevated off the floor. My favorite part of this type is that it appears to be tankless.

However, it is not literally without a tank. The tank is actually hidden inside the wall. Imagine it- a toilet without a tank, with only a bowl hanging on the wall. It makes the cleaning process so much easier and you never have to worry about the leaking problem from the tank.

That being said, if you want to switch from a normal toilet to a wall hung one, the process can often be a pain in the ass.

Duravit Vero One-Piece

The shape of the square toilet seat is closer to a rectangle than square, and square toilets are pretty rarely seen. It is claimed that this sort of toilet has a bigger bowl to store more waste.

However, the downside of this type of toilet would be the difficulty in accessing the replacement parts and it is quite uncomfortable to sit on.

The only reason I could think as to why people would install one in their house, is probably for aesthetic reasons.

Also seen as an oval shape, it is believed that this sort of shape fits your butt the best. The benefits of this kind of toilet is that it is more comfortable for adults.

Sometimes people say elongated toilets take more space than other types of bowls, but often, this isn’t necessary.

And generally, the elongated toilet has a larger pipeline than different kinds of toilets. A little drawback of this will probably be the feces sometimes leave a mask on the little hill of the elongated part.

Kohler K-6419-0 Cimarron

The best part of the round bowl toilet is the size.

I would advise you to choose this type of toilet only if necessary, because the difference of the size only ranges a few inches with the elongated toilet seat.

And the flushing power in comparison to the elongated toilet is just not worth it.

However, the  round ball toilet sometimes has its place, especially in places like a powder room, for example.

Wait... how does a toilet without a tank work?

Well, this kind of toilet is linked straight to the pipe, and when the water is rushing down the pipe, the tankless toilet’s bowl has an electric pump to make the flush powerful. 

Tankless toilets usually have a wider pipe compared to other types of toilets, and it is because the bowl needs a higher volume of water to make a clear flush.

The benefits of this sort of toilet is the contemporary design, and the size is much smaller. However, the installation is sometimes complicated and if the battery is dead, the toilet can’t flush.

Camco Portable Toilet

The term “composting toilet” has a different definition in different countries, but the term loosely means a toilet without water washing away your dump. Maybe calling this type of toilet a “dry” toilet would be a better way to put it.

Human waste isn’t suitable for composing, especially when you mix piss and dump together, but most of the composting toilets use bulking materials to absorb the moisture. Namely sawdust, wood chips and so on.

Well, if you’re reading this, you probably own a flushing toilet, and you probably need a portable toilet for hiking or camping.

The toilet is as obvious as the name. A portable toilet is a toilet that can be moved easily. You can see this type of toilet in festivals or building sites to provide sanitary ware.

While most of the time when people talk about portable toilets, they immediately think of a box shaped like a telephone booth.

However, the one made for households is shaped more like a box. Basically, you can carry the box around in places like mountains, rivers, or even boats, because clearly, you shouldn’t make your mark in nature, and thus this type of toilet provides a great solution.

Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet for RV

Usually, this type of toilet is more common for the commercial use of restaurants, but it is also starting to get more attention in residential areas.

The function of pressure assist toilets is that when the water pumps into the valve, it creates air-pressure in the chamber. And when the flush button is pressed down , it releases the pressure.

The positive aspect of this sort of toilet is it flushes efficiently and makes the bowl cleaner, but the downside of the pressure assist toilet is that it is noisy and costs more compared to normal gravity flush system toilets.

Gravity Toilet

Almost everyone’s toilet is using gravity to flush down their waste. Basically, when you press the flushing handle or button, a lift chain linked to the flush lever inside the tank lifts up the flapper valve and the water rushes down.

And when the water level in the tank goes down, so does the float boat, and thus activating the flush valve, which results in water pouring into the tank.

After the water fills the container, the cycle begins again when the trigger is pulled.

Oh yeah, that's right baby, we've finally entered the future. A touchless toilet is a type of toilet where you don't have to touch the handle or the flush button to open the water valve. Sounds amazing, right? But in reality, almost every dual flush toilet could switch to touchless toilets.

Most big name brands like Kohler or American Standard sell something like a "touchless toilet flush kit" which means you could modify your own toilet's flush button into a sensor and when it detects movement, the valve will automatically open itself. Pretty cool.

Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height Toilet

Wait, do people still use this type of toilet? The principle behind the pull chain toilet is clearly gravity, while the water tank is placed above the bowl when someone pulls the chain and triggers the valve to open, the water flushes down and washes away the waste.

The well-known manufacturer is Signature Hardware, and the price of pull chain toilet in comparison to other kinds of toilets is relatively high. The benefits that come to mind is it usually doesn’t need maintenance, but on the other hand, it is a hassle to install this type of toilet.

Water Sense

The term “water saving” is a myth. As technology evolves through time, the amount of water used per flush is reducing. 10 or 20 years ago we had toilets that used 3 gallons per flush!

Recently the amount decreased to 1.6 gallons and hopefully, in the future we’re all going to see 0.8 gallons per flush. That being said, some countries, namely the USA, have a certification of sorts for toilets or sanitary ware that are water-efficient, such as WaterSense. So, if you are confused about how to trim your water bill, pick WaterSense.

If your toilets have a circle divided into two buttons, then you probably own a dual flush toilet. Much to my surprise, this type of toilet first appeared in 1980 by a sanitary ware factory staff, and from then on, dual flush toilets have spread across the world.

The double flush system relies on the siphon to do the trick, which means it has two water hole located on high and low. The dual flush is used for waste or your liquid waste, and usually, the water usage stands at 1.6 gallons or 0.8 gallons respectively.

While the benefits are obvious, the drawback is the cost higher than the normal flush toilet.

American Standard H2Option
American Standard H2Option

The regular toilets usually stand at 15 inches, and the market considers 17 to 19 inches to be the most comfortable height to rest your legs when sitting down.

Well, to be honest, it is more like an advertisement slogan. The most comfort height toilet for a person should depend on the person’s height.

And also, if you are buying a toilet for your house, remember to take your kids or elderly into consideration. Plus if there is someone in your family using a wheelchair, 17 - 19 inches of toilet bowl height is probably not the best choice.

How expensive can a toilet be? Well, very. I’m not saying some toilet built out of gold or precious metal. I’m talking about toilets that are produced by legit brands like TOTO or Kohler.

These toilets have such high prices for a good reason, and the primary one is that it provides a luxury experience.

However, to be completely honest with you, I don’t think you should throw your cash on this. Come on. You can spend such money on anything but a computerized toilet. So how expensive can a toilet be? Go on. Take a guess.

Best Toto toilet MS970CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF:0.9-GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500, Cotton

Which Toilet Type Is For You?

Well, if you are tired of all the brands and stuff, check out our review on the best overall toilet out on the market, or if you're short on time, just pick this toilet. It can save you tons of trouble.

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