Kohler Santa Rosa Review
Is This Toilet Worth Buying?

When you go out to buy a new toilet, whether it’s for your home or office, there’s no question that you want it to look amazing and have solid qualities and features as well.

It’s very easy to get lost in a world that has hundreds of different toilets with different styles and features.

This is where we come in and make the search come to a standstill for you.

The Kohler Santa Rosa is definitely worth a look at. Along with having curves and a unique style that’s bound to light up any bathroom, it also hold a number of extra advantages that are sure to make you a happy camper (in the bathroom, that is!).

General Features

1. Design

At first sight the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is sleek and curvaceous, kind of like a sexy sports car, but a toilet.

Made from shiny vitreous china and easy on the eyes.

The height of the toilet is made in a way that makes it easy to sit and stand.

It’s has a compact elongated bowl, and definitely doesn’t take up much space.

2. Water Efficiency

The Kohler Santa Rosa only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, which means that it is EPA Water Sense certified. 

This, in many places, mean that you can have rebates on your water bills.

This also means that you’re being kind to the environment.

And don’t think that just because it has 1.28 gallons per flush that it won’t perform!

No way. Kohler make up for that in pressure and design.

3. Flushing

Even though only 1.28 gallons are used per flush, the Kohler Aquapiston flushing system is a killer to any size or shape of waste, ensuring a clean flush every time. 

The pressure and the way in which the water enters the bowls is designed in a way that give it an impressive flushing power.

4. Cleaning

There are a combination of factors that are included in the Kohler Santa Rosa that make the cleaning experience an easier one for you.

The trap way has a glazed coating, that, along with the shape of the bowl and the pressure at which the water comes in, gives a guaranteed clean bowl with every flush.

Let’s not forget the smooth curves of the design- these too, make cleaning the outside much easier.

5. Installation

Being a one piece toilet, the Kohler Santa Rosa proves to be an easy, straightforward installation.

It needs a standard 12” rough in. 

Just make sure that all your bolts and nuts are relatively new and not rusted to avoid any issues.

6. Price

There is no worry when it comes to the pricing of the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet. It is very reasonably priced in comparison to other toilets on the market, and is considered to be competitively priced because of the great reviews it receives.

7. Special Features

The Kohler Santa Rosa comes in a variety of colors: Biscuit, Almond, Black, White, Dune, Ice Gray, and Sandbar. 

A chrome trip lever that has a sleek design is used to flush, which blends in nicely with the overall modern look of this classy toilet.

The powerful Kohler canister flush valve is extremely powerful and you won’t ever have to worry about clogging issues.

And to top it all off, it comes with a 1 year warranty as well.

Quick Summary

What We Like:

  • ADA Compliant
  • EPA Watersense Certified
  • Aquapiston Flush System
  • check
    Easy to clean, inside and out

What We Don't Like:

  • May be heavier than 2 piece toilets

Kohler Santa Rosa: Is It Worth Buying?


After going through this Kohler Santa Rosa review, it’s going to be hard to find any reason not to. 

What makes it even more appealing is that because it is ADA compliant, this means it has been approved and found suitable for use in offices and in the public in general.

It looks amazing, sleek, is easy to clean and has impressive flushing power, not to mention that it will probably be a breeze to install as well, just get someone to help you!

You’ll also find that the price is affordable and worthwhile, because Kohler is well known to have effective and helpful customer service in case you need any help whatsoever.