How to Unclog A Toilet – The Guide for 2019

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Life is hard, especially when you don’t know how to unclog your toilet.

I know the pain and have faced the clogging toilet many times in my life. Needless to say, it is never a pleasant experience; luckily, there are always a few tricks to unclog the toilet.

Here's How to Unclog a Toilet

First thing first, to unclog a toilet, you might have to take the lid of the toilet tank off and close the flapper if the water is about to overflow from the toilet. During the fixing process, you can also put one hand on the flapper when you try to flush the toilet and the water started showing the sign of being a flood.

Use a Plunger

This is probably the most well-known tool when it comes to unclogging a toilet. The act is simple: stick the plunger onto the exit hole and go forth and backward a few times.

When you hear the clear flushing sound, you know the job is done. Just remember to start slowly, because the first stroke is pushing air into the block.

A few tips to make it a smoother action:

  • Soak the plunger in hot water in order to make the rubber more flexible
  • Pour hot water plus some dishwasher into the bowl
  • Use a funnel-cup plunger not a cheap one

Use an Auger/Plumbing Snake

A quite specific tool for dealing with the nasty clog. Sometimes when a plunger doesn’t work in your favor, and then it is the time to whip out this badass - the auger. 

The positive aspects of using this tool are a few, specifically, it could go deeper than a simple wire and will not scratch the precious surface of your protein glass.

Well, as scary as it seemed, the drain snake is really simple to get your hands on. The first step is the same as the plunger, which is simply put the snake on the hole. The next step is turning the handle to prolong the cable until it breaks the clog or hooks the block. If it is the latter situation, pull out the auger and clean it up. 

Alright, I know, I know. Not all of you have these tools are by your side, so before I starting to tell you the magic bullet you all wanted to hear, please understand that we plumbers use these tool for a reason - so go get one!

How to​​​​ Unclog the Toilet Without Using a Plunger

Well, obviously you can always use your hand if only you are desperate enough. I don’t usually suggest this method except you know very well that the clog in your toilet is a hard object like a ball or a GI Joe toy (kid’s toys are the most commonly-seen stuff that blocks the toilet). However, this measure only works when the obstacle is within the reach of the arm.

1. Using a Dry/Wet Vacuum

This method is to drain the water from the bowl and try to use the horsepower of the vacuum to suck the hard object out of the drain. You can also put a towel around the hole in order to create a seal. However, in my opinion, if you own a dry/wet vacuum, then you probably do not need to read this article to fix your clog.

2. Using a Cloth Hanger

Another DIY way to unclog a toilet is using a cloth hanger, the one made with wire. The principle behind how it works is same as the toilet snake, basically, stretch the wire to break the clog that is too deep.

 Additionally, wrap a piece of rag or cloth around the top of the wire to prevent it from scratch the surface of the toilet bowl. The drawback of using the cloth hanger is that you might push the obstacle further in the drain, but the dirty water in the bowl still isn’t flushing. If it is the case, try using an auger or call a plumber.

3. Using a Drain Cleaner

Get a drain cleaner. Easy as that. Just buy a bottle from the URL link and pour the specific amount of liquid into the bowl. Then, close the toilet lid in case the toxic chemical spread around the house and wait for a few hour.

OK, now the job is done and the toilet is making the happy flushing sound. Everything is just fine. 

What!? You say your mother doesn’t use anything made of chemicals and doesn’t want to get her hand dirty.

So what do you want me to do? I’m a plumber, not a magician.

Fine, fine, I compromise.

This is the last and only trick for your kind mother.

How to Unclog a Toilet With Baking Soda or Vinegar

Before you eagerly try to spring into action, notice that the mixture of caustic soda with water can be corrosive, so wear a full protection like a pair of rubber gloves and a goggle.

The method:

  1. Heat up at least half gallon (3 to 4 litres) of water and then pour about 1 kg of baking soda.
  2. Slowly pour the mixture into the bowl and wait for 45 minutes.
  3. Repeat the previous step again, but this time put 2 cups of white vinegar (another kind is fine) into the mixture.
  4. Pour everything into the bucket into the bowl and let it go for a whole night, and in the next morning drop a few gallons of hot water into the bowl. 

Make sure you mix up the ingredients before throwing everything into the bowl because caustic soda can crystallize inside the drain and result in a harder slog. Plus, beware of the temperature of the water, since the toilet drain might not be able to stand the pressure of the hot water and might explode if you try this. If you accidentally splash it on your skin, wash it with a huge amount of water.

Still Having Trouble?

Not-so-surprisingly, you might need to find a legit plumber or Try Amazon Home Services. And of course, getting another toilet is always a good option.

Good luck. Be clean. Stay white.

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  • December 17, 2017

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