American Standard Cadet 3 Review
The Biggest Bang For Your Buck?

From the creators of other amazing toilets, we present the American Standard Cadet 3. One of the best products of the American Standard Cadet toilet series created by American Standard, it is well known for its high efficiency, low water consumption and its unique flushing technique that guarantees a clean bowl from the first flush.

In addition, it one of those products that bear a rather plain or bland look that completely covers up for the ingenuity behind the design of the pipes and the valves inside the toilet. This article is basically a critical product review that aims to dissect the product in hopes of proving to be unlike other American Standard Cadet 3 toilet reviews.

Cadet 3: General Features

If we are to properly assess the American Standard Cadet 3, it is important to list down all the main characteristics in order to easily compare it with other products and to understand what makes it stand out among other products; what makes it a toilet among toilets.

1. Design

When it comes to design, the American Standard Cadet toilet proudly flaunts its simple outer appearance. The main material used in its making is ceramic and while it is a normal two-piece toilet, you get to see some creativity in the seat design. Moreover, it is a “right height” toilet which means it is taller than normal toilets and thus, more comfortable.

2. Water Efficiency

Since the product is designed to be capable of handling amount up to a 1,000 grams of waste matter and getting rid of it all at once, this makes it quite an efficient toilet. Especially when this is combined with the fact that the flushing power of the American Standard Cadet toilet is 1.28 gallons per flush which happens to be around 20% less than other conventional toilets.

3. Flushing 

Here is a real interesting aspect of the American Standard Cadet 3; it is fitted with an overly large flushing valve that when combined with a gravity powered flushing system and a wide trapway, results in a powerful flush and little to no clogs.

4. Cleaning

The toilet is entirely covered, tanks, bowl and all, with a permanent EverClean surface that is supposed to protect it against any sort of bacteria or reactions due to the presence of bacteria; like fungus, for example. EverClean is basically a silver based ion that is added into the material of the toilet which makes it last for a very long time; one might even say, forever.

5. Installation

We agree with most American Standard Cadet 3 reviews here, that due to the design, the presence of two pieces and the detachable seat, the installation process is quite an easy one that doesn’t take much effort. You can even do it by yourself if you want to.

6. Price

For the features offered, you would find that its price lies on the cheaper side of the spectrum. It is rare finding something which has a price proportional to its quality.

7. Special Features

The product comes with a five year warranty on all mechanical parts and an unlimited warranty on the body itself which, again, is very suitable to the price.

Quick Summary

What We Like:

  • A pressurized rim results in the the entrapment of water under a high pressure for it to be released with great force when the flush lever is pulled.
  • The chrome plating on the lever protects it from rusting since chrome does not oxidize which preserves the toilet’s overall appearance in an environment where rust is not a foreign concept.

What We Don't Like:

  • The only drawback would be that the parts won’t be delivered in the same box which might lead to some parts arriving before others.

​Our Verdict

According to the points we covered in this American Standard Cadet 3 toilet review, we can confidently say that it is a well rounded product.

While it does not have an incredibly elegant design or highly advanced features like a seat heater, it has a high performance inner design that focuses on delivering high water pressure to guarantee a clean bowl with the least amount of water and only one flush.

Furthermore, it basically cleans itself due to the EverClean layer that covers both, the inner and the outer parts of the toilet. Overall, if you want something that is not too fancy and that would give you a good bang for your buck, we recommend you go with the Cadet 3.

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